Sharing online and printing

Funny thing about social media: Millions of terrific photos are shared daily but I wonder how many of those actually make it to print.  We (I) sometimes get so caught up on sharing digital versions of our photography and the number of likes we garner that it becomes very easy to overlook the value of printing. 

Having learned how to work a camera when digital wasn't even a thing yet, I'm no stranger to making prints in a darkroom.  These days, I don't have the space to continue with traditional darkroom methods and so my contrast tweaks, dodging and burning are all done digitally.  Still, I find it oddly satisfying (and also a little frustrating!) to see how my prints turn out on different papers, where I think improvements could be made and trying again - Similar to the traditional darkroom I learned in.  Colour introduces a whole new set of variables but, with practice comes perfection..or close to it!  I wish all of my digital followers could view my photos in my modest gallery so for now, a snapshot will have to do!